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Baking Apple Pies for the Neighbors



When I was a child, my family used to have a tradition of baking apple pies together every fall. We would gather the ripest apples from our backy… Read More

Trying Food in Japan

Minato City, Tokyo, Japan


Growing up in a family of foodies, I was exposed to a wide range of flavors and cuisines from a young age. My parents loved to travel, and we wou… Read More

Memories in the Kitchen

North Carolina


Over the years, I’ve found that I connect both my good memories shared with family and friends and my sad memories with particular foods th… Read More

Chaunsa, the King of Mango

rahim yar khan


Chaunsa, the King of Mango: Originating from the Rahim Yar Khan district of Pakistan, chaunsa mangoes got their name after Sher Shah Suri defeate… Read More

Kushary in Egypt



Kushary is one of the traditional foods in Egypt and it is a very important part of the culture. It is a very ancient meal. Egyptian people are a… Read More

My Khinkali Journey, in Georgia



One day I was in the mountains of Georgia with my friends, it was a celebratory day, we had a fun time. We rode horses, saw beautiful landscapes … Read More

Egyptian koshari



I could not remember the name of this dish until I learned it through a song. And I fell in love with it on those days when we crossed the Sahara… Read More

How I Started Eating Goat's Giblet



Today I would like to share the story of how I started eating goat's giblet. I was fond of goat since my early childhood. I used to look afte… Read More


Avenues, Kuwait City, Kuwait


I visited Chocomelt cafe in the Kuwait City at the avenues mall with my family. The food presentation was beyond good and the desserts is created… Read More

Naija Jollof in Nigeria

26 Balogun street amuwo


Hi guys, I'm a Nigerian and just recently joined this platform. For starters I would like you all to know what most families in Nigeria eat f… Read More

How to Enjoy Eating Amala and Abula

Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria


Growing up was fun because of the people I shared my childhood with. My parents are both natives of Ibadan, so we eat Amala and Abula a lot in my… Read More

Furu Fish in Mwanza, Tanzania

Mwanza Tanzania


This yummy taste of "furu," as they call it back in Mwanza. It was among my best trips, and I enjoyed it a lot. The locals appreciate t… Read More

Swedish Surströmming, or Stinky Herring



What we usually throw away in the trash, carefully wrapped in a bag and pressing our noses in it, is considered a national product by the Nordic … Read More

Tihlo in Ethiopia

Mekele, Ethiopia


Tihlo (Tigrinya: ቲህሎ) is a dish from the historical Agame province in northern parts of Ethiopia that consists of barley dough balls covere… Read More

Fergburger is Heaven on Earth

Queenstown, New Zealand


The owner of Fergburger must surely be a Belinda Carlisle fan because he has made heaven a place on earth. Founded on December 22, 2000 and opene… Read More

Hospital Foods

ardmore oklahoma


I sat on my mother's hospital bed with the two of them eating hospital mashed potatoes and cheese when my younger sister was born. Peas and i… Read More

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