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Taliwang Chicken

Taliwang, Sumbawa


On my first trip to Indonesia to visit my wife (who spoke limited English), I spoke not a word of Bahasa and quickly learned that English is not … Read More

Bake & Shark

Trinidad & Tobago


Less than 30 minutes from Port-of-Spain, the capital of Trinidad & Tobago, lies Maracas Bay, home of the “Bake & Shark”. Doze… Read More

Butter Tea in Tibet



I traveled to Tibet in September. It is the best time travel to Tibet . I first tasted butter tea in Lhasa. Butter tea is a specialty drink in … Read More

Salad lovers

Moon ship


I remember going to Pittsburgh for a marketing event my friend was hosting after a long day, and my friend and I decided to have dinner at this r… Read More

Tsampa (Zanba)



The main ingredient of tsampa is barley flour. When eating, add a small amount of buttered tea, milk dregs, and sugar into the barley flour and m… Read More

Jerusalem shawarma

Jerusalem, Israel


In the hot dusty air of Jerusalem, I had my first experience with the eponymous shawarma. Wanting to sample the local flavor and avoid tourist tr… Read More

Authentic Hungarian Food

Wyandotte Michigan


The amazing authentic Hungarian meals at this restaurant start with a great salad and bread basket. This place just celebrated 25 years pleasing … Read More

Tibetan yogurt

,Lhasa Tibet,Cnina


Tibetan yogurt Tibetan yogurt uses fresh yak milk, which is not the same as our daily yogurt. It is made by cooking, cooling and fermenting. Tib… Read More

Lhasa cuisine

Xuexin Village Street, Chengguan District, Lhasa, Tibet, China


Thousands of people travel to Tibet every year to experience the unique culture and visit some of the highest, most remote areas of the world. Ho… Read More

Best Dutch Lunch



If you ever need to have an authentic Dutch lunch, I can't recommend enough visiting Rob Wigboldus Vishandel. I had a fried cod sandwich and it w… Read More

Blown Away by Peruvian Food in Fairview Heights

Fairview Heights, IL


A good friend was slightly remorseful for having missed my birthday last summer. He offered to take me to the restaurant of my choice. I wanted s… Read More

Polands classic



I had this traditional polish soup at a place called Pszczyna and it was awsome. Especially, I liked that the are serving it in a hollowed bread Read More

Palermo gourmand

A'Cuncuma, Via Judica, 21, Palermo


Palermo is known as one of the first street food cities in Italy; nonetheless it's rich in gourmet restaurants for more sophisticated palates… Read More

Bicerin in Turin

Caffe Torino, Torino


Sitting outside at the classic Caffe Torino, people watching and sipping the delicious, indulgent local specialty - the bicerin - is a simply del… Read More

Modern Turkish fine dining

Yeni Lokanta, Istanbul


After a few days of traipsing around the city with children in tow, we sat down for a civilized, adults-only dinner at Yeni Lokanta. With the chi… Read More

Best Mexican food ever

Cozumel, Mexico


Just came back from Cozumel and had the best Mexican food ever at Krazy King Burrito! Read More


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