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A Memorable Ramen Encounter


On a cold winter evening in Kyoto, I coincidentally found a minuscule ramen shop concealed in a tranquil rear entryway. Sitting at the counter, I watched the talented culinary specialist fastidiously... Read more

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American Burger in Japan Submitted by: kayokorob
Tokyo, Japan

*****Note: As the below entry is a number of years old, I would like to amend it to include our new favorite burger joint, Martini Burger, which opened in 2011. Located in Kagurazaka between the Tozai and Yurakucho subway lines, this small restaurant serves up American-style (and sized) burgers, as well as Brooklyn Lager. All the burgers are named after places in New York City, and there are other offerings (such as meatloaf) for dinner. See the website for more info: -------------------------------------------------------- Imagine being an American ex-pat living in Japan for 3 years and craving a big, juicy hamburger. Something often taken for granted in the US can be difficult to find abroad. Sure, there are hamburgers in Japan. There is ham-bah-gu (ハンバーグ), which is served on a plate without bread and is more akin to meatloaf. Then there is ham-bah-ga (ハンバーガー), which is an American-style hamburger, but generally small, like what you would find at a fast food chain. McDonald's exists in Japan (and around the world), but this is not my idea of a tasty burger. When most people think of Japan, they think "Tokyo". Now, picture being an American ex-pat living so far from Tokyo that it takes an airplane flight to get there. You can imagine my delight and surprise to find Kua'aina Burger, a Hawaiian chain (previously unknown to me), in the heart of Tokyo. Not only was the burger big and juicy, it also came with avocado and there was a bottle of Heinz ketchup on the table! The burger certainly did not disappoint, and I found myself eating at the chain on subsequent trips to Tokyo.


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