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Edible flowers in Assam

Assam India

Bitter flowers are [eaten] in Asia. In Assam, northeast India, these flowers are used as food. It's simply made and tasty ; village people like these flowers. They are unique vegetables -- called... Read more

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One Shot From…Charleston, South Carolina Laura Siciliano-Rosen December 3, 2014

This new photo series calls on a handful of locals of a city we’re covering to tell us, in one photo—not necessarily of food—what that city means to them. First up, in honor of EYW’s Charleston Food Week, is Charleston, South Carolina.

Sweet tea at a tea plantation in Charleston, SC

"Enjoying a fresh-brewed sweet tea among the tea trees of North America's only tea plantation. Much like the rest of the city, Charleston Tea Plantation on Wadmalaw Island is both beautiful and delicious."Scott Wink, Charleston Food Bloggers

Follow Charleston Food Bloggers on Twitter @FoodBloggersCHS and Instagram @charlestonfoodbloggers


A palmetto palm between two buildings in Charleston, SC

“We love this photo because it dramatizes how insuppressible and anarchic the botanical aspect of...

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Snapshots from Antigua Laura Siciliano-Rosen May 28, 2013

Fort James beach view on Antigua

When we visited Antigua this winter, it was with the intention of relaxing on the beach, not driving all over the island hunting for local food. Well, relax on the beach we did, but with a rental car and an unwillingness to eat overpriced Italian food every night, we couldn’t help but give a local-food search our best shot. We had only a handful of days on the island—and quickly learned we had to dig a little to find the local stuff—but it was plenty of time to produce a good EYW snapshot of eight genuinely delicious Antiguan dishes and drinks. Check it out here.

As for the island itself—it’s too pretty not to share a few beauty shots, from harbor overlooks and roadside fruit...

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Tags: Caribbean photos


Thoughts of the Jersey Shore, Post-Sandy Laura Siciliano-Rosen November 14, 2012

Point Pleasant Boardwalk
Point Pleasant boardwalk in winter, circa 1998

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I find my sympathies torn between two places I hold near and dear: New York City—particularly those devastated areas of Brooklyn, near where we used to live, and Queens, where we live now—and the Jersey Shore, where I grew up in the town of Brick. While we’ve been able to physically volunteer only in Queens thus far, and have donated funds to these areas (and certain individuals) specifically, mostly I’ve just helplessly watched the awful TV and web footage, listened sympathetically to the stories of friends and family members more directly affected, and wondered what else I—among the lucky ones who...

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Tags: news photos United States


A Walk Through Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar Laura Siciliano-Rosen November 1, 2012

Spice bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey
Diving into the crowded Spice Bazaar in Istanbul (with some gratuitous product placement, natch).

It’s true we’re biased toward food markets, but Istanbul's Grand Bazaar—with its expensive gold jewelry, leather jackets, and endless rows of mass-produced evil-eye tchotchkes—just wasn’t our thing. Much more fun and interactive was the Misir Çarsisi, or Spice Bazaar, a.k.a. the Egyptian market, established in Eminönü in 1664 (it once specialized in goods brought from Egypt). It’s the market you walk smack into if you approach the Old City from the Galata Bridge, as we did most days from our home base in Karaköy.

Over the years, the spice market has become plenty tourist-friendly; in...

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Tags: Turkey travel photos Europe


Photos: Art in Dakar Scott Rosen September 17, 2012

Everywhere I turned in Dakar, there was something colorful (albeit often covered in dust) to admire: Art, like crunchy baguettes and good music, seems to be everywhere in Senegal's capital city. Some of it we purchased and brought home with us, but most of it we had to be content with photographing. Here are a few shots of Dakarois art.

Graffiti in Dakar, Senegal.

A quick sketch maybe, but this wall was part of Village des Artes, a peaceful yet abundant artist community that is a must-visit.


Religious art in Dakar, Senegal.

I saw this image often, but here on this turquoise wall in the Ouakam neighborhood, it was most vibrant and beautiful.


Painting in Dakar, Senegal.

Another beautiful painting from the Village des Artes. This African woman's profile...

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Tags: Africa photos


Taste-Bud Doppelgangers From Around the World Meg Rulli July 5, 2012

What to do if you’re traveling long-term and cannot stop thinking about your favorite comfort foods from home? You find local substitutes to quell the craving, as LandingStanding’s Meg Rulli explains in this guest post. 

Dulce de leche in Argentina
Dulce de leche ice cream in Argentina

My husband, Tony, and I completely adore food. We are more inclined to spend 30 euros on an exquisite local meal than in a random boring museum. For us, learning about the culinary traditions of a place is one of the best activities you can do to learn about the culture of a country.

As much as we love eating our way around the world, though, we still miss certain comfort foods and staples from home (Florida, in our...

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Tags: travel photos


Sierra Leone: A Traveler’s Perspective Laura Siciliano-Rosen April 26, 2012

Ever consider traveling to Sierra Leone? Maybe you should.

Lagoon on John Obey beach, Freetown Peninsula, Sierra Leone
View of lagoon from bungalow, Tribewanted, John Obey beach

Somewhere between waking up to peaceful lagoon views; swimming in a warm, empty sea before breakfast; and feasting on spicy pumpkin stew at lunch, I started to wonder: Why isn’t this place swarmed with tourists?

I could guess the answer—this was Sierra Leone, the tiny corner of West Africa best known for an ugly slavery history, a decade-long civil war (1991-2002), and the violent thriller Blood Diamond—but it still didn’t make sense. As I surveyed pristine John Obey beach, where Scott and I stayed our first few nights at eco-tourism venture Tribewanted, the...

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Tags: travel photos video Africa


Hunting for Dibi, Senegal Laura Siciliano-Rosen April 20, 2012

 Dibiterie Haoussa in Dakar, Senegal

One of many temples to dibi, or grilled meat, in Dakar, this dibiterie boasts a cult-like status in the capital: It’s said to be musician Youssou N’Dour’s favorite, dispensing inexpensive, expertly prepared food at all hours in suitably questionable hygienic conditions. After hearing the place reverentially spoken about by more than one trusted expat, we knew we had to find it.

Problem is, nobody had any clue where it was. Armed with limited directions— “somewhere near the Sandaga bus station”—and even more limited French, we wandered the dusky streets around the area marché, or market, where hours earlier we’d elbowed our way through crowds of sellers. Now it was quiet, empty but...

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Tags: photos Africa food quest


EYW’s Top Street Foods (So Far) Laura Siciliano-Rosen February 24, 2012

Street food: In the advent of the recent food-truck revolution, it’s been given a romantic connotation. But street food to us has always meant those dirt-cheap, true-blue local joints that you find while wandering a new city, the kind of places that make you immediately envious of the patrons and skeptical of the grub—a healthy suspicion that your gut instinct will either embrace or ignore. It might be termed the five stages of street food:

  1. “Look at all the people chowing down on this corner! They are clearly enjoying that food.”
  2. “Damn, does it smell good right here!”
  3. “I wonder if this will make me sick.”
  4. “Eh, it’ll be fine: big crowd, no flies, everything’s freshly...
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Tags: travel photos


Photos: iPhone Camera in Amsterdam Scott Rosen January 28, 2012

Man on bike through window in Amsterdam

I remember the days of always having one camera, two lenses, and a flash with me on my travels. That’s all changed with the iPhone. Last October I (finally) bought one, and happily tossed my old Samsung that could hardly connect to the internet into my ATC (antiquated technology drawer). I quickly fell in love with the portability and playfulness of my new phone’s 8-megapixel camera and actually became stressed about traveling with it. Would I still use my Canon 5D? Would I learn to rotate? Would I have to take pictures of everything with two cameras?

My first trip dealing with this dilemma came a month later, when Eat Your World headed to Amsterdam with some friends. My immediate...

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Tags: photos Europe


Photos: The Banjo Man, Prague Scott Rosen November 22, 2011

Charles Bridge jazz band in Prague

It was 1997 the last time I was on the Charles Bridge in Prague. I was a college student backpacking through Europe, and this moment of Dixieland jazz in the heart of Europe, pictured above, hit me strongly. I wasn't much of a photographer back then, but this is one of the few photos during that trip that actually told a good story and made me proud. When I started shooting professionally, I took the photo out, scanned it, and had the smudged, fingerprinted, black-and-white 4x6 sitting on my desk for years. When we produced a Prague section on this site, I knew I wanted it to be a header.

Jazz band on the Charles Bridge in Prague

Fast forward to October of this year: I'm back on the Charles Bridge. The same Dixieland...

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Tags: photos travel Prague Czech Republic


Detroit: Keep Motoring Scott Rosen April 16, 2011

Mural at Eastern Market in Detroit

When I was asked to meet up with some clients in Detroit, I had a feeling a weekend of EYW coverage would lead to some very good things. It was just a few years ago that I had quickly visited Greektown and experienced the famous "flaming cheese." I knew there had to be much more than that, and was determined to convince Laura to make it a serious destination for us. With some trepidation, she began to research Detroit's foods, and slowly a list of musts became apparent that sold us both to the idea.

Michigan Central Station in Detroit

When you mention Detroit to anyone, you get a "why would you want to go there?" look immediately. The city has clearly lost its luster over the last god-knows-how-many years, and...

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