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Edible flowers in Assam

Assam India

Bitter flowers are [eaten] in Asia. In Assam, northeast India, these flowers are used as food. It's simply made and tasty ; village people like these flowers. They are unique vegetables -- called... Read more

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Favorite Tools & Toys for Traveling With Little Kids Laura Siciliano-Rosen November 22, 2017

Baby on an airplane

In preparation for the holiday travel season, we are sharing a few of our hard-earned tips for traveling with that most delightful of age brackets: babies and toddlers.

OK, parents of little ones: We’ve all been there. You arrive to your Airbnb and realize you forgot to ask about a high chair. Your 2-year-old decides to wake up at 5am every day on your trip and the hotel doesn’t serve breakfast until 8am. The iPad runs out of power midway through the flight and WHAT ARE THE KIDS GOING TO DO NOW?

It isn’t always a blast, but traveling with little kids is infinitely easier and more enjoyable if you come well stocked and well prepared—physically and mentally. We’ve already covered...

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Tags: kids baby travel


In Remote Jamaica, Jerk Chicken, Mellow Beaches & a Toddler Laura Siciliano-Rosen March 15, 2015

Port Antonio, Jamaica view, where the jungle meets the sea

Team EYW was recently in Port Antonio, where the Blue Mountains meet the sea in northeast Jamaica, to cover the north coast’s local foods for this site. The birthplace of jerk, this gorgeously green, serene region is one that rewards an exploratory spirit—even if you have a two-year-old in tow.

To be perfectly honest, we arrived to Port Antonio, on Jamaica’s lush northeast coast, a little beaten down. Scott and I had just survived a nearly five-hour drive (with stops, including two by the speed-gun-happy local cops) along the coast from Montego Bay, the last two hours slow and winding, with our temperamental nearly two-year-old, and we were already dreading the drive back in a few...

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Tags: Caribbean baby travel kids


On a Quest for Meatballs, in Malmö, Sweden Laura Siciliano-Rosen January 28, 2015

A day trip to Malmö had us wondering: Where are the Swedish meatballs?

Swedish meatballs, or kottbullar, in Malmo, Sweden

Sometimes you have only a few short hours in a new place, and damn it if you won’t make the most of them. Such was the case for our day trip from Copenhagen to Malmö, Sweden, just over the huge Øresund bridge from the Danish capital, where our brief agenda included wandering the streets, stopping in some parks, and eating köttbullar, or what we call Swedish meatballs. Pretty manageable, right?

That’s what we thought, anyway, as we emerged from the train into the bright sunlight last September. Our 17-month-old son was peacefully asleep in a carrier on my chest, and we had plentiful time to wander the quiet,...

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Tags: Europe baby travel kids food quest


Culinary Travel, With a Baby Laura Siciliano-Rosen July 16, 2014

Fifteen months ago, our lives changed forever when we welcomed our son into this world. Like all new parents, we’ve had to figure out a lot since then—how to keep our baby healthy, how to sleep more than three hours a night, and, eventually, how to maintain some semblance of our former traveling-food-explorer lifestyles. Fortunately—for now, anyway—our little guy fits right in, with an impressive appetite and a willingness to try almost anything, from frog legs in Kentucky to Nepali momos at home in Queens. Until we have to deal with tricking him to eat anything that’s not brown, here are our tips for feeding yourself and your baby local eats while on the road.

Taking photos of ceviche with a baby on Isla Mujeres, Mexico
At work on Isla...

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Tags: baby travel kids


Wake Up & Smell the Tacos: 3 Reasons to Wake Up Early While Traveling Laura Siciliano-Rosen April 3, 2014

Trio of tacos from Tulum, Mexico
Tacos for breakfast in Tulum

Traditionally, Scott and I are stay-up-late, wake-up-late kind of people. This all changed a year ago, of course, when our son was born and the definition of “waking up late” became 8am. Most days we’re in bed by 11pm and up by 7am, though baby boy has pushed the 6am envelope more times than I would prefer. On Mexico’s Yucatán coast last week, however, where the time difference was a small but still meaningful-in-a-baby’s-world two hours, all bets were off.

We’d heard the horrors of time-change travel with babies, one reason why we rather timidly selected east-coast Mexico for this trip (it’s also a nicely manageable four-hour flight from New York)....

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Tags: baby travel Mexico kids



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