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Polands classic


I had this traditional polish soup at a place called Pszczyna and it was awsome. Especially, I liked that the are serving it in a hollowed bread Read more

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How to Eat Like an Insider in Top European Cities

Amsterdam canal by sunset

This guide comes courtesy of
INSIDR, a friendly travel startup born in Paris in 2015. The goal of INSIDR is simple but ambitious: to help foreign travelers prepare their trip to Europe with qualitative content, recommendations, and innovative new services, like the INSIDR smartphone: a fully connected phone you rent while traveling, complete with maps and access to local experts! Welcome to Europe with INSIDR. (See Insidr's Paris recs in this earlier post.)


London’s dining scene has been completely reborn in recent years—the city is now regarded as one of the best food cities in the world, right alongside the likes of New York, Paris, and Tokyo.

What really makes London’s food stand out from other European cities is its diversity. The U.K. capital is a melting pot of cultures, a fact that really shines through its food offerings. Vietnamese, Turkish, Japanese, Italian, Indian, Peruvian, Spanish, and Sri Lankan are just some of the cuisines that London’s top restaurants are serving.

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  • Jerk chicken or pork with festival

    When you think of Jamaican cuisine, chances are you think of jerk chicken (or pork). And rightly so: It’s the most iconic of Jamaican meals, true Jamaican soul food that belongs to Jamaicans,...

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Hobart, Tasmania Beijing
  • Jingjiang rousi (京酱肉丝)

    While several quintessential Beijing foods are, shall we say, an acquired taste, jingjiang rousi is a hands-down crowd pleaser no matter who you are or where you’re from. It’s one of the...

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  • Polands classic



    I had this traditional polish soup at a place called Pszczyna and it was awsome. Especially, I liked that the are serving it in a hollowed bread    Read more
  • Palermo gourmand

    A'Cuncuma, Via Judica, 21, Palermo


    Palermo is known as one of the first street food cities in Italy; nonetheless it's rich in gourmet restaurants for more sophisticated palates. My husband and I went to A'Cuncuma restauran…    Read more
  • Bicerin in Turin

    Caffe Torino, Torino


    Sitting outside at the classic Caffe Torino, people watching and sipping the delicious, indulgent local specialty - the bicerin - is a simply delightful way to spend an afternoon. It’s a drink co…    Read more
  • Modern Turkish fine dining

    Yeni Lokanta, Istanbul


    After a few days of traipsing around the city with children in tow, we sat down for a civilized, adults-only dinner at Yeni Lokanta. With the children safely tucked up in bed with their babysitter,…    Read more

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