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Location: San Fernando, San Fernando, TT

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  • Balut in Kuwait

    ahmadhi kuwait
    Trying a local dish in any new country is always both challenging and exciting. Every so often, however, you encounter something that raises the bar to levels which you thought you may never enco…    Read more
  • Taliwang Chicken

    Taliwang, Sumbawa
    On my first trip to Indonesia to visit my wife (who spoke limited English), I spoke not a word of Bahasa and quickly learned that English is not at all common on the remote island of Mataram. Wit…    Read more
  • Bake & Shark

    Trinidad & Tobago
    Less than 30 minutes from Port-of-Spain, the capital of Trinidad & Tobago, lies Maracas Bay, home of the “Bake & Shark”. Dozens of huts (locally called ajoupas) roofed by dry …    Read more

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