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My Khinkali Journey, in Georgia


One day I was in the mountains of Georgia with my friends, it was a celebratory day, we had a fun time. We rode horses, saw beautiful landscapes and ate khinkali in a family restaurant. It was so big,... Read more

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Cheesy Memories Submitted by: robertarosen
Brooklyn, New York, United States

Tuesday night was fish night. EVERY Tuesday night was fish night. My mom was a wonderful cook and usually made her specialty, fish cakes. As we sat around the table eating our salad we waited with anticipation for the fish cakes to be placed on the big plate that would then be placed in the middle of our table. As we did every night my mom, dad, brother, and I shared dinner around that table, but Tuesdays were the best.

Now you might think this story is about those fish cakes. In a way it is. But the MEMORY, THE MEMORY is about what was served alongside them. And that was the most delicious macaroni and cheese ever placed on a plate. In a huge pyrex dish my mother mixed long pasta that resembled ziti, with tons of butter, whole milk, and velveeta cheese.

I am not sure what else was added, maybe cheeze whiz as well , but I have never ever tasted mac and cheese that compares. And the truth is... I have tried! Thinking back it becomes clear that those ingredients today would be considered pretty horrible, and were probably the reason why her mac and cheese still rules my fantasies. Just a note: at the end of the meal not a morsel remained.


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