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Baking Apple Pies for the Neighbors


When I was a child, my family used to have a tradition of baking apple pies together every fall. We would gather the ripest apples from our backyard and spend hours peeling, slicing, and mixing the ingredients... Read more

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Local fruit beer

A sampler of local fruit beer from Beer Factory in Mexico City.

What: These microbrews flavored with natural extracts of tropical fruits, including guava, mango, tamarind, and whatever is seasonal, are made in-house at Beer Factory, a restaurant/brewpub franchise based in Mexico City. Though we did like some of the non-fruit beers on offer—including the Luna Llena stout and Coyote pale ale (see also: local craft beer)—the fruit exóticas, as they’re called here, were the most unique and interesting, even if they taste less like beer than carbonated juice.

Where: Beer Factory (multiple locations including Centro Comercial Santa Fé, 2nd floor, Av. Vasco de Quiroga 3800, map) has several locations around D.F. and Puebla. The Santa Fe branch, inside a huge modern shopping mall, was about a 200p cab ride from Condesa.

When: Mon-Sat, noon-2am; Sun, noon-10pm

Order: Ask for a tasting of the “cervezas exóticas” (68p). During our visit, that meant a sample of mango, tamarindo, maracuyá (passionfruit), arándano (blueberry), coco, and guayaba (guava)—the latter two were our favorites, light and frothy and fresh-tasting.


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