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Afang soup (gnetum)


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Dad's Steak Bearnaise

Denver, CO

What on earth is more luxurious than a fine piece of grilled beef drizzled with a hot butter sauce? Flavored with tarragon, shallots, and white wine vinegar, bearnaise sauce adds both creamy decadence... Read more

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  • Typical Food in Mexico

    To some people, Mexico is palm trees and margaritas; to others it’s ancient ruins and sleepy villages; to others still it’s street tacos and fine handicrafts. Of course, Mexico is all of those things and much, much more, as the country is so very big and diverse in its topography, traditions, art, peoples, languages, and, of course, food. Mexican comida is perhaps as regional as it gets, with many of…    Read more


    Find typical foods in Mexico.

    Coastal Yucatan

    You want to eat your way around the Yucatán Peninsula? Say adios to any preconceived notions of Mexican food you might have in your head. Sure, you can find quesadillas, tortas, and tacos al pastor here, but the regional stuff is markedly different from elsewhere in Mexico—even if you stick to the well-traveled coast, the focus of our content here. A product of the area’s Mayan-territory past,…   Read more


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    Mexico City

    It’s not surprising that Mexico City, a megapolis of some 20 million people, has quite a reputation. Depending on whom you listen to, the Distrito Federal, or D.F., is a hotbed of pollution, crime, and out-of-control urban sprawl; or it’s a pulsing epicenter of history, art, fashion, and food—a whirlwind for the senses and an amalgam of new and old in one of the most culturally rich nations on…   Read more


    Find local foods in Mexico City.


    Of the many reasons to visit Oaxaca, capital of the rugged southern Mexico state of the same name, here’s just a few: its gorgeously quaint yet cosmopolitan heart (many streets of which have recently undergone a face-lift); a cutting-edge arts scene comprising small galleries, first-class museums, and a shopper’s paradise of local handicrafts; a roster of rich and accessible cultural events and…   Read more


    Find local foods in Oaxaca.

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    • Best Mexican food ever

      Cozumel, Mexico

      Just came back from Cozumel and had the best Mexican food ever at Krazy King Burrito!

          Read more
    • Best food on Isla

      Isla Mujeres

      Just got back from Isla, and wanted to shout out to the "Green Verde," positively the best restaurant on the island! Everything there is absolutely amazing. Probably the best tacos I…    Read more

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  • Day of the Dead in Oaxaca: Skeletons, Tamales & Familia

    If you've seen the movie Coco, you might guess that El Día de los Muertos is a wonderful, life-affirming time to visit Mexico, expecially if you can find a local family to take you under their wing. I wrote this piece, about…   Read more

  • On the Hunt for Oaxaca’s Best Tlayudas

    A tlayuda from Doña Favia in Oaxaca, Mexico. All photos courtesy of Catherine Tansey. Few foods are more Oaxaqueño than the crisp, chewy tlayuda. Affectionately called “Mexican pizza,” tlayudas are large crispy…   Read more

  • Q&A: Javier Ornelas, a Mexican Chef in Globalized Tulum

    All photos courtesy of Javier Ornelas, except where indicated. “Bubbles eventually pop, and we, as a community, have to figure out how to sustain a middle class while maintaining Tulum as a vibrant tourist…   Read more

  • Monterrey’s Weekend Ritual: Cabrito

    Our writer learns how to make cabrito, or roasted baby goat, from a Monterrey master. All photos by Lydia Carey It’s mid-morning in Monterrey, Mexico, when Humberto Villareal—“Beto”—picks me up, but it’s…   Read more

  • A Tiny Piece of Wine Country, on a Mexico City Rooftop

    Our contributor takes us to Vinicola Urbana, a wine-producing rooftop vineyard (and breath of fresh air) smack-dab in overcrowded Mexico City. All photos by Lydia Carey A pseudo-camouflaged sign sits at the entrance of No. 29 on Mexico…   Read more

  • Making Barbacoa in Mexico City: A Four-Day Adventure

    Our lucky contributor goes behind-the-scenes of barbacoa making in Mexico City. All photos by Lydia Carey except where indicated. In every region of Mexico, you will find barbacoa steaming on streetside stands, taking center stage at…   Read more

  • Exploring La Merced Market, in Mexico City

    Our friends at Eat Mexico tell us why the Merced Market is a Mexico City must-see. Photos by Christie Pham Forget what you may have heard about the Merced Market, in Mexico City. In my opinion there is only one real danger: You will,…   Read more

  • Two More Mexico Destination Guides on Kindle: Mexico City & Coastal Yucatán

    We are happy to announce that we’ve recently released two more eBooks on Amazon Kindle—the Mexico City Food & Travel Guide and the Coastal Yucatán Food & Travel Guide—bringing our grand total of books up to 10!…   Read more

  • East Coast Mexico’s Dutch Influence

    Edam cheese. Photo: Yvwv Yucatecan food—even that found along the so-called Riviera Maya, the coastal corridor between Cancún and Tulum—is markedly different from “Mexican food” as most of us know it, as we…   Read more

  • Wake Up & Smell the Tacos: 3 Reasons to Wake Up Early While Traveling

    Tacos for breakfast in Tulum Traditionally, Scott and I are stay-up-late, wake-up-late kind of people. This all changed a year ago, of course, when our son was born and the definition of “waking up late” became 8am. Most days…   Read more

  • 7 Favorite Tacos in Mexico

    You'd be hard-pressed to find a more perfect snack food than the taco. It's cheap, it's portable, it can comprise a wide range of ingredients—meats, veggies, cheese, salsas—and textures (if you've never had crunchy…   Read more

  • Oaxaca Food & Travel Guide: Now on Kindle!

    Lucky number 7! We’re pleased to announce our seventh destination guide on Kindle: the Oaxaca Food & Travel Guide, now available on Oaxaca is celebrated for its cuisine, but knowing what to look for—and where to find…   Read more

  • Morelia, Mexico: What to Eat

    Traditional dishes from Zirita, a culinary workshop, in Morelia. Morelia, capital of the state of Michoacán, Mexico, is quietly beautiful, the kind of pretty where the dowdy female lead takes off her glasses, shakes out her ponytail,…   Read more

  • The Miracle of Maguey

    The maguey plant can get you drunk three different ways and it’s not your college boyfriend — moreover, maguey (or agave) is used to actually treat syphilis, not cause it. A look at the humble maguey’s role in Aztec and Mexican…   Read more

  • Dish Spotlight: Churros y Chocolate in Mexico City

    I have a weak spot for hot chocolate in the winter—and now that my selection of quaffable vices is limited by pregnancy, man, do I have a weak spot for hot chocolate. Many afternoons I’ll go out hunting for one around 3pm, or…   Read more

  • Q&A: Pilar Cabrera, Chef & Cooking Instructor, Oaxaca, Mexico

    “I try to portray the colors of the Oaxacan landscape in the food I prepare: color, color, color! Oaxaca is such a vibrant place, and having this reflected in the food you eat here makes Oaxacan cuisine even more enjoyable.”—Chef…   Read more


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