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Baking Apple Pies for the Neighbors


When I was a child, my family used to have a tradition of baking apple pies together every fall. We would gather the ripest apples from our backyard and spend hours peeling, slicing, and mixing the ingredients... Read more

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Frico in Friuli, Italy

Submitted by val
La ghiacciaia

Frico is a traditional dish from the Friuli region in Italy that is made from grated cheese, such as Montasio, and potatoes. The mixture is formed into a disk and then fried until crispy, resulting in a delicious, golden-brown cheese crisp. The cheese used in frico is slightly tangy and nutty, and its texture becomes crispy and chewy when fried. The combination of the savory cheese and starchy potatoes creates a rich, satisfying flavor.

Frico is often served as a snack or appetizer and is a staple of Friulian cuisine, showcasing the region's love for cheese and its commitment to using locally sourced ingredients. This dish is a true testament to the delicious, comforting, and simple foods that are at the heart of Italian cuisine.


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