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In the heart of Karachi, Pakistan, I found myself at a family-run eatery, a local favorite renowned for its traditional karahi and other local delights. The vibrant atmosphere, filled with laughter and... Read more

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Provence delights in Avignon Submitted by: hellofrance

Avignon is known the world over for its Popes Palace. But any curisous visitor will find out the city has way more to offer, especially on the food scene. As commented on a recent post, Fougasse is THE traditional snack in Provence. And Avignon is known as the best place to try it. A local family, still in business, has been making it since 1931 to please every Provençal. So what is Fougasse ? Originally, the baker put a bit of bread dough in the oven to control the temperature before baking his first breads. He would then eat this little bread as a mid-morning snack. Now Fougasse is made with either butter or olive oil, with anchovies, olives or other ingredients. So why is it so important in Provence ? Well, the sweet version (scented with orange blossom hhmmm) is part of the "Big Christmas Supper" in every home in Provence. Did you know that they ate 13 desserts for Christmas ? Yes, 13 ! Like the Christ and his Apostles ! So next time you're in Avignon don't forget to get your fougasse ! Papaline. This word might not sound familiar. The Papaline is Avignon traditonal chocolate. So what is it exactly ? With a name refering to the Popes, it's a unique sweet bite invented in the 1960s by local "Maîtres pâtissiers". It can be surprising at first sight since it has a bright pink colour, but it will please every chocolate lover. The fine dark chocolate is filled with a licor center, that has its own story. The plant licor was invented in Avignon in the XIXth. It is made with 60 plants and honey from Provence. It became very quickly the most popular after-dinner drink ! Papaline is a pleasant surprise to any visitor, since it cannot be found anywhere else. If you are a foodie and want to know more about specialty food in Provence and Avignon, food tours are available in the city. A 3H walking tour to stimulate your tastebuds and discover products that make Provence a unique foodie destination. All tastings included, as well as wine ! Know more on : Bon appétit !


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