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Kushary in Egypt


Kushary is one of the traditional foods in Egypt and it is a very important part of the culture. It is a very ancient meal. Egyptian people are a very unique population and they have a lot of special... Read more

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Vietnamese Moon Cakes

Submitted by ja3ja3
Baskin Robbins
Baskin-Robbins, 424A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 3,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This is a moon cake from Vietnam, eaten to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. What makes it awesome is that Vietnamese youth (60% of the population is under 30 years) now have a renewed love of this traditional food. Why? Because the bean paste filling has been replaced with Baskin-Robbins ice cream & the salted egg yolk with B-R yogurt. YUM!


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