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6 delicious dishes you should try when visiting Malaysia Submitted by: dawnrichard

Malaysian cuisine is largely influenced by China and India and has many similarities to Indonesian food. Here are some delicious dishes that you should try when visiting Malaysia.
Fried spicy noodles with mee goreng mamak, or spicy spicy whiskey mee goreng mamak, is a popular dish in Malaysia, which can be found in most eateries. Ingredients of this dish are quite simple, consisting mainly of cooked to medium sauces and fried with garlic, shallots, some fresh vegetables, shrimp or beef, chicken. When the noodles are nearly done, the chef will add a little soybeans to create fat and aroma. This dish is usually made with charcoal instead of gas.
Apam balik is a type of cake with ingredients mainly made from glutinous rice flour and corn flour. Cake is double as egg rolls, the bread is made from peanuts, corn and sugar.
Our kerabu rice, nasi kerabu, is so attractive that even Malaysians have to queue up to buy. This dish is also available in Indonesia. The unique flavor of the nasi kerabu rice is unique green, served with the dried coconut, spicy sauce and fish sauce. If you eat properly, you must use your hands instead of a spoon.
Marinated ayam percik ayam percik is a chicken dish marinated with satay, garlic, ginger, gravy and coconut milk, then baked directly on the charcoal stove. In the process of baking, the seller will sprinkle more sauce to chicken seasoning. This dish is not too spicy; coconut juice helps neutralize the satay. In addition to delicious taste, chicken ayam percik also has good color.
Nasi lemak: To put it simply, nasi lemak is cooked with coconut milk and covered with sambal chili sauce. However, depending on the region, people will use different ingredients for this dish, such as boiled eggs, vegetables, peanuts, beef, chicken or lamb, seafood. Traditionally, Malaysians usually eat this dish in the morning, but today they can use it at any time of the day.
Roti john (John's roti) is a type of burger. Eggs and minced meat will be fried on a pan. The meat used for this dish can be pork, beef or chicken. When eating, roti john is usually cut into pieces, dipped with chili sauce.


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