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Frico in Friuli, Italy


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Kushary in Egypt


Kushary is one of the traditional foods in Egypt and it is a very important part of the culture. It is a very ancient meal. Egyptian people are a very unique population and they have a lot of special... Read more

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Indian Gajar la Halwa

Submitted by janvi10

Gajar ka halwa, or carrot porridge, is a sweetened mixture of grated carrot, nuts, sugar and condensed milk. It is widely eaten in North India; however it is equally popular as a dessert in all parts of India. Carrots are usually available everywhere in the world. With very few ingredients that are easily found in any store, one can make this tasty mouthwatering dish with a little practice. Carrot porridge or gajar ka halwa is eaten at Indian festivals, parties and also as a sweet dessert. Carrots are the main attraction.The vibrant pink-red color is the natural carrot color.


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