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Post Diwali Indulgences Submitted by: meghaaluthra
New Delhi, India

It’s that time of the year again! There is a slight nip in the air and the smells of autumn fill up mornings. Diwali has just gone by but that really hasn’t put a stop to all the festivities. The largest Hindu festival of lights brings with it a time to binge – the desserts, mithais and all things good. The atmosphere is still abuzz with festivity and there is a general feeling of celebration, brightness and euphoria among people. Among all the other rituals, Diwali brings an array of Mithais, which ought not to be missed. Here's a low down on 5 of the most popular sweets and the best places where you could bite on them. 1. Chocolate Brownie: A common and a versatile dessert. Chocolate brownies make for an ideal gifting bag as well. A unique flavor of brownies can be found at ‘Love Bites’. It tastes more like a fudge in the first bite till the taste grows on you. Prerna, at Love Bites, insists on naming them Chocolate Bownies, which instantly melt in your mouth. 2. Kaju Katli – almost everyone's favorite! This simple preparation of cashew nuts melts as soon as it goes into your mouth. Kaju Katli at Nathu Sweets outlets, all across the city, is by far the best that is on offer. 3. Besan Barfi- A relatively easy recipe – but only of you get the besan cooked to the right consistency. Suman Modi, from ModiNagar, makes the best besan Barfi. She operates out of home and orders have to be placed over the phone. 4. Shahi Tukda- a simple dessert which can be easily made at home. Deep friend portions of home bread – soaked in sugar syrup and topped with a generous helping of malai and nuts. The best Shahi Tukda can be found at the stalls near Jama Masjid, owing to its Mughal era roots. However, for a more accessible adventure try Haldiram's. (all outlets across the city). 5. Gulab Jamun- these sinful little fried rounds are best found at Shiv Mishthan Bhandar, in old Delhi. For more accessible indulgence, you could also visit Bikarnerwala outlets across the city! To tempt your taste buds a bit, have a look at picture menus at various eateries and sweet shops. Log on to


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