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Pad Thai (Stir-Fried Noodles)


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Trying Food in Japan

Minato City, Tokyo, Japan

Growing up in a family of foodies, I was exposed to a wide range of flavors and cuisines from a young age. My parents loved to travel, and we would often explore different countries and cultures through... Read more

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Iconic Hong Kong Foods Submitted by: jhonsondir
Hong Kong

Food-related travel is quite the trend nowadays. Intrepid travelers have no qualms getting on a flight and traveling to distant lands to discover new tastes and culinary experiences. Almost every city has iconic foods associated with it and Hong Kong is no different. The city has a well-established ‘foodie’ culture. Hong Kong offers a wide variety of cuisines, at its numerous restaurants, cafes, Cha Chaan Tengs (indigenous Hong Kong-style diners) and Dai Pai Dongs (roadside eateries). As a result, food enthusiasts agree that there are several must-try eats in Asia’s World City. These foods are readily available all over the city, and a sampling if not all of these foods is highly recommended.
Pineapple Bun: A pineapple bun or Bo Lo Bao in Hong Kong refers to a soft bun topped with a browned sugar, craggy crust. There is actually no pineapple in this sweet baked good, and it's a favorite teatime snack, an ideal accompaniment to a cup of hot or cold tea. The Hong Kong pineapple bun is served sliced in half and stuffed with a chunk of butter.
Curry Fish Balls: Curry fish balls or Ga Lei Yu Daan consist of balls made with a seasoned fish paste that is then fried. The fish balls are served skewered on a bamboo stick and have a serving of mildly spiced dipping sauce or ‘curry’. Curry fish balls are a popular street food in Hong Kong.
Egg puffs/waffles: Walk down a busy Hong Kong street and you are likely to get a whiff of the tasty treats known as Gai Daan Hai. Street vendors use an egg batter that's either plain or flavored with sesame, green tea, or chocolate. They then dip the batter into a griddle to make this immensely popular anytime snack offered in bite-size portions. The waffle bits have a soft, spongy interior enveloped by a crispy covering.


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