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Gourmet Lunch at “La Taverna”, Castello Banfi

Montalcino, Italy

In the stunning 5-star resort Castello Banfi Il Borgo, set in a 13th century Tuscan castle, what made our experience at the resort even more memorable was the incredible lunch at La Taverna. At their... Read more

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Recipes From Afar: Gnocchi alla Romana

Gnocchi alla Romana with braised beef shank recipe
Gnocchi alla Romana with slow-cooker beef shank

We had planned a relaxing day at the beach. Well, as relaxing as one might get with a 1- and 3-year-old . My husband was home from work that day, so I figured it’d be a good night to cook something semi-ambitious. He’d be around to help watch kids while I mixed and cut gnocchi alla Romana, or Roman-style gnocchi—a semolina-based gnocchi that predates the Northern potato-dumpling gnocchi we all know, and a recipe I’ve had my eye on for a while.

Ah, plans. What’s that saying about the best-laid ones?? First, we left late because I needed to prep the other half of the meal—slow-cooked beef shanks—and while I was searing the meat realized I was short a few ingredients (cue husband’s run to Foodtown down the street). Then the car’s battery wouldn’t start, and by the time it finally did, the younger kid had to nap. By the time we left, we needed lunch, so called (and waited) for our favorite Henanese takeout en route. We got to the beach around 3pm, right in time for the guards to clear out the water due to riptides. After nearly two hours there, we remembered our empty cabinets at home, so swung by Trader Joes’ for a quick shop (that’s never so quick). Super relaxing day!

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Nassau, New Providence Island
  • Peas and rice, steamed meats

    Pigeon peas and rice, and any number of steamed or baked meats/fish (plus sides), are at the heart of Bahamian home cooking. This is largely the domain of lunch vans and food trucks, those that cater...

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Coastal Yucatan
  • Marquesita

    A common street snack at busy corners and inside bustling zócalos, marquesitas are like crunchy crepes: A batter is poured into what looks like a waffle maker, sweet add-ins are thrown in, then...

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  • Escovitch fish

    Fish prepared escovitch style, more accurately, is pan-fried with salt and pepper, then dressed with a simple but winning combination of vinegar, onions, garlic, julienned bell peppers, and, of course,...

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